Urban Design in Flat Bush

One of the aims for Flat Bush is to set a high standard of urban design.  


A number of initiatives have been put in place in Flat Bush to improve the public realm:

  • Limiting front fences to 900mm and restricting the position/amount of garaging at the front of houses to promote informal surveillance of the street by residents and create attractive street environments.
  • Rules to ensure subdivision block patterns provide well connected streets which maximise choices for getting around whether it be on foot, a bicycle, the bus or in the car.
  • Park edge roads will overlook green fingers – enhancing the feeling of open space and making the green areas safer for everyone to use.
  • A design code for intensive housing developments, including minimum apartment size rules.

Flat Bush also boasts a large existing and proposed network of shared footpaths and cycleways, which cover more than 34km making it safe, convenient, and pleasant to get around.

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