Auckland City Litter Laws

The Auckland City Litter Laws are administered and enforced by Auckland Council.

They say that we are all responsible under the Resource Management Act 1991 for avoiding, reducing or remedying negative impacts on the environment, caused by our actions.

They say; “We may issue an infringement notice, or environmental fine, when a person or organisation breaches the act in any of the following ways:

  • breach of resource consent conditions
  • breach of district plan rules
  • breach of an abatement notice
  • deposit of litter.

If you receive an environmental infringement notice, you must pay your fee or fine within 28 days of the date the infringement notice was issued, unless you write to us with information about the infringement notice.


If you haven’t written to us or paid your fee, we may lodge your infringement with the Department of Courts. We have the authority to seek payment from you for the fine, plus extra costs.”


To find out how to pay your fee or fine, enter the property address where the infringement was issued in the search field below:

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