Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

New Double Decker Buses Arrive in East Auckland

East Aucklanders are the first to get the benefit of a new fleet of double decker buses, being rolled out from Wednesday 4 November.

Until now their use has been restricted to the Northern Busway, but on 4 November the first double-decker bus went into service in the Botany area.

Improved service

The first trip departed Botany Shopping Centre travelling to Britomart along the 500 Route. The service is being operated for Auckland Transport by Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd.

Sheryll Otway from Howick & Eastern says the company is very proud of this new addition to its fleet. 

“These buses have improved seating, USB charging points and in time will have on-board WiFi and infotainment systems.”

Auckland Transport General Manager AT Metro Mark Lambert says over the next few months double-deckers will become a regular sight in Auckland.

“Howick & Eastern will have their 15 running to the east, Ritchies will eventually have 15 crossing the harbour bridge and NZ Bus has plans for 23 buses. It’s an exciting time for bus users in Auckland.”

More Aucklanders taking the bus

Bus services in Auckland totalled 60.2 million passenger boardings for the 12 months to September, an annual increase of 5.7 per cent. 


Click here to view a video of the new double decker buses

Auckland Campgrounds

Auckland campgrounds in 26 regional parks provide Aucklanders with an abundance of summer holiday riches on their doorstep.
None are more affordable than camping at one of the 44 council campgrounds available at the city’s 26 regional parks.

And this summer’s El Nino conditions promise less rain and less heat than average, perfect conditions for camping.


However, one councillor warns locals to book early because there will be no ‘pay-on-the-day’ system this year.


Councillor Christine Fletcher, Chair of the council’s Parks and Recreational Services Committee, urges Auckland residents and visitors alike to enjoy the outdoors this summer, no matter what their budget is.


“You don’t need to travel away to enjoy perfect scenery, pristine beaches and a wide range of free and almost-free leisure activities,” she says. “There’s no better place in the world than Auckland in summer, but you must book to secure your spot.


“Our 26 regional parks boast 128 kilometres of coastline, 500 kilometres of walking tracks for all ages and abilities, 44 campgrounds and 21 bach escapes. All are within easy reach of the city and camping prices start at $4 for children and $8 for adults,” says Cr Fletcher.


Click here to make a booking (if you are not too late already).